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Jimp's News

Posted by Jimp - April 4th, 2018


My games studio Massive Monster have just released our first commercial game!

The Adventure Pals is a spiritual successor to Super Adventure Pals, a flash game created by Jay Armstrong and Julian Wilton back in 2012.

The Adventure Pals is completely new game, built from the ground up at console quality. We spent over 3 years creating a vibrant world full of wild enemies, colourful characters and quirky humour. Its an action-packed platform game about friendship, exploration, and riding your best friend Sparkles the giraffe. Mr. B is kidnapping old people and turning them into hot dogs! It's up to you and your best buddies to save the day. 

Watch the launch trailer below - you can buy the game now on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Thank you Newgrounds, we wouldnt be here without you <3


Posted by Jimp - February 20th, 2012

So my band have been writing and gigging for the last year, and we've put together a 3 track E.P to sell at gigs and also get some music available online. Heres a preview:

If you wanna support the band you can get a copy on iTunes or Amazonright now, its only £2/$3 and every purchase is appreciated! You can also stream the album for free on Spotify if you use that too!

Stoked with how it turned out and the overall production quality, we did everything ourselves and are already working hard towards something even bigger ;)


Busy as ever with games work, i'll do a proper update another time but Garden Guardians was released over on Armor Games last week so check that out!

Posted by Jimp - February 1st, 2012

FUCKING HELL I AM SO BUSY. Tons of exciting stuff going:

Started a quick story platformer with GazSmithGames, it shouldn't take too long to finish but we are both seriously stoked with how its looking and the general idea of the game... Think its gonna be a good one!

Go play This Is The Only Level 3 by jmbt02! Honoured to have worked on this epic series - it also just grabbed best puzzle platformer of 2011 in JayisGames Best of 2011. Elephant Quest and Sushi Cat 2 also won awards so thanks JIG!

Also just started possibly the biggest project of my life with jmtb02. You'll see that in about 6 months :)

My band released a 3 track EP! Couldn't be more happy with the tunes and production quality considering it was all done in our lead guitarists bedroom, gonna be out on iTunes soon check out the teaser:

You can also check out a video of our whole set from possibly our biggest gig yet last Saturday here!

Swarm Control is out now on Armor Games! This was a big project for myself and Joey Betz, it also supports Flash's new GPU rendering which makes for super smooth gameplay :3

Got another really cool long term RPG project called Eternal Quest on the go, artwork is looking great and excited to see it all come together! You can find a timelapse video of some of the artwork process here.

New Games, New Music and Videos!

Posted by Jimp - November 30th, 2011

Havent made a post on here for a lil while, been well busy with projects and band stuff but check out all these games if you missed any of them!

Shore Siege 2 with The-EXP turned out sweet and has done really well! You cant really argue with 2 times king of the portal and world record holder for Hedgehog Launch iPhone...

Cowlorful was a little pet project of mine that I really enjoyed making and love the concept, very happy to finally get it out!

I've also done another EPIC project with the mighty jmtb02, its not up here on Newgrounds yet but you can go check out Chuck The Sheep on Armor if you cant wait to play it here! Love how this one turned out, cant wait to see what Johns gonna throw at me next! (hopefully not poo)

And finally, today I released Star Claws, a physics puzzler with LongAnimals in which you save the world using CATS. It's also the first game I've done in pixel art, a process I really enjoyed and will definitely be doing more of in the future (already got 1 pixel game on the go!)

Lots of other cool projects coming up including a pretty epic twist on the tower defence genre with Joey Betz, more on that soon!

Heres a frame from a painstaking tidal wave animation (NOT the Joey Betz game though) I want to add lighting but I think it might bring me to tears...


Posted by Jimp - October 10th, 2011

My band played the Oxford o2 academy on saturday! It was easily the biggest gig we've done and there was loads of people there, so much fun! We managed to get 7 cameras onstage and film a load of footage for a video which turned out great, please check it out!

Theres also a backstage vid up on youtube with some other bits in :) If you like the bands sound please check out and "Like" our Facebook Page!

As for games, play Space Punk Racer if you havent already! It didn't get quite the reception we hoped for, but I still think its great fun :)

i did some work on Joey Betz' new multiplayer version of Phage Wars. it was a quick project as I just did the menus and operating system screens, but the game turned out really fun! its the first multiplayer game I've worked on, go play Phage Wars LIVE!

I've got LOADS of upcoming projects, which i'll make a more in depth post about next week. Expect lots of new games soon!

Posted by Jimp - September 15th, 2011

Got some new games up on the frontpage, go and play Pogo Swing and The Lance! Both are collabs with The-EXP and turned out really fun little games.

Spacepunk Racer is all finished, we are sorting out the sponsorship branding as we speak. Expect it on Newgrounds in a week or so. Its fuuun!

Cowlorful is also finished, just need to find a sponsor and then we are all set for launch. Check out the trailer here if you missed it! So proud of this one, and very excite to release it.

I'm working on another THREE games at the moment, all of them are quick projects, more on those soon!

Check out my bands latest single, we've got loads of new material in the pipeline that is sounding amazing, more soon!

Heres a penguin thats not from penguinz 2 :

Lots of games and music!

Posted by Jimp - August 31st, 2011

Released a trailer for an upcoming game called Cowlorful, should be out soon :)

Posted by Jimp - August 21st, 2011

Busy as hell at the moment - got a load of projects on, lots of band stuff and im in the process of moving house so havent posted a blog update for a while...

Space Punk Racer is finished! Its up for bidding on FGL now so should be out sooon! Heres a trailer with a load of game footage:

My band is playing in a Battle of the Bands for Breast Cancer awareness at the Oxford o2 academy in October! All the bands have released a single online and we need more votes for our band! You can check out our song here (click back to blog for the other bands). If you have facebook we would massively appriciate any votes for Ways Across - Believe on this poll!

Very excited for this gig, many of my favourite bands have played on the same stage :)

I've been working on a platformer with my friend Craig from Grindhead Games for a while now. Its getting pretty close to completion and we're both stoked with how its turned out! The levels start off grey and desaturated and you must colour all the tiles by touching them and bring colour back into the world, as well as solving simple physics based puzzles. Should be finished pretty soon, theres loads of screens on my TwitPic!

Heres the level select screen, which you colour as you complete levels:

Exciting times!!!

Posted by Jimp - July 17th, 2011

Its been a while since i've made an update or released a new game... I've been busy as hell over the last month, with loads of big projects on the go, gigs to play with my band and Sonisphere festival last weekend. Crazy times :P

Got lots of new games coming soon though!

I posted some screens of a new racing game with LongAnimals a few weeks back, which got some great feedback! The game is nearly finished now and should be going through the sponsorship process soon! Heres an early gameplay video -

I've also just finished working on a new game with The-EXP, with which I made Pogo Swing (which still isnt on newgrounds, for some reason)! Its a new concept with simple gameplay and RPG elements and is lookin really original and fun. Should be out soon!

Im also working on a new platformer with my good friend Craig of Grindhead Games. Its a platformer in which you play the role of a cow who is on a mission to spread happyness and colour throughout the world! The idea is that you add colour to the tiles by touching them and paint levels to proceed through the game :) Really happy with how its coming along, and excited to see it properly come together!

Lots of new games on the horizon...

Posted by Jimp - June 8th, 2011

Sorry for another band related post but I'm excited and things are moving fast!

I've been working on a website for my band Ways Across for a while now, and its finally finished! Theres original recordings, photos, videos and loads of other stuff on there already so check it out!

I posted the single from our old Mythology EP here on Newgrounds, go listen now and put it in a movie or something!

We have loads of ideas as to how we can gain attention, one of which is by doing a load of covers and putting them up on YouTube. Our lead guitarist Gav has loads of recording kit and is quickly becoming shit hot at production, everything is sounding great!

We are currently recording our debut album which is sounding PRO, so stay tuned for more info on that :)

Heres a cover of the Unreal Tournament theme tune for all you gamers (loads more on YouTube)!