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My bands EP is online!

2012-02-20 07:00:10 by Jimp

So my band have been writing and gigging for the last year, and we've put together a 3 track E.P to sell at gigs and also get some music available online. Heres a preview:

If you wanna support the band you can get a copy on iTunes or Amazonright now, its only £2/$3 and every purchase is appreciated! You can also stream the album for free on Spotify if you use that too!

Stoked with how it turned out and the overall production quality, we did everything ourselves and are already working hard towards something even bigger ;)


Busy as ever with games work, i'll do a proper update another time but Garden Guardians was released over on Armor Games last week so check that out!


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2012-02-21 08:33:36



2012-02-27 15:09:46

Question. Burrito Bison Revenge looks like you work for the style. It's a copy or i'm right?

Jimp responds:

Nope I didnt work on that! Love the game though, Juicy Beast studios are great and I'd never accuse them off ripping me off?!


2012-03-06 08:45:37

@Jimp I just wanna to say it's so similar... Colors and design reminds me your works!
I'm Italian, sorry for badly explained


2012-08-08 03:27:04

Tight mate. Just my type of tune - keep it up guys!
I used to play alot in Oxford too- you guys ever do the Carling academy?
Good luck with it dude