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GREAT stuff!

This is awesome mate, its brilliant to see you improve with every release! The hybrid 3D/vector/photoshop look you've got going on works really well, especially for this series.

Keep it up!

Amazing first submission!

Great little animation! Its brilliant when new members join and the first thing they post is of this quality, I genuinely look forward to your next submissions and watching you improve!

You nailed the characters, one thing I would perhaps work on it timing, as some of the movements looked a little slow and floaty. Only a minor criticism though, we can all improve! :)

boybogart responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism man, it would surely help me improve my future submissions. On the timing thing, I usually do it pose to pose then scrub the timeline to see if it works, but as I was faced with 2000 frames of animation to do in just 4 days remaining, I just animated it straight ahead and never looked back. So yeah, some parts are really floaty, and would only work on a 32 fps animation.

Fuckin' Epic.

Brilliant man, everything has come together perfectly in this episode, this is what people have been waiting for. Your animation improves every episode and this was no exception, some of the shots were fantastic! The intro piano shot and hoverbike chase scenes spring to mind, the hoverbike exit of the building after Luke shows us the bomb for the first time was awesome too. Spot on! (and youre right, the credits are awesome!)

Great music, voiceacting and pacing throughout, the whole thing flowed together really nice.

About the hoverbike and medieval weapons thing, who gives a fuck? For me it just adds another layer of cool, who cares if it doesnt make sense. Its about creating an interesting world, not following laws defined by physics.

2 thumbs up man!

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This game was really refreshing, the gameplay was very simple but i was kept engaged by the great characters and encounters! Beautiful graphics and sound, I played it all the way through! Nice job :)

Fucking brilliant!

What a great idea! Props to all team members involved - pulling this off in 48 hours must have been a challenge! I didn't encounter any bugs, I thought it was damn well polished considering the time it took to make :)

RiverJordan responds:

Thanks jimp! Glad you liked it!


That was really really great!

The visuals were beautiful (and he looks like sushi cat ^-^), and the sound was brilliant too. The environments and puzzle design really stood out for me, I loved how every stage worked differently and required you to think in a different way. Loved the reflecting off the sword, where have I seen that before?! Zelda?

Anyway, lovely little game, and the perfect example of what a Flash game should be - Short, simple and refreshing.

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The start reminded me a lot of Everything Went Black by bdm :)

Fucking metal

Awesome as always man! That lead riff is so fucking killer! Good job, production is nice too!

Fucking awesome

Oh man I love this so much. I can imagine battling hordes of penguins across arctic plains right now... I fucking love it man! Sounds epic and wintery like you said. I realllllly like the riff when it first kicks in, it fits so well with the theme and is exactly what I was looking for!

Dimoria responds:

Sweet man ;) But this the main theme . And I'll build something similar for the battle and so on. Because no game has just 1 song. ;)

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Thanks so much!

Awesome piece! I loved the feel and style so I just had to check out the comic - and consequently fell in love. I dont usually read web comics but the art and story just has me hooked.

Thanks so much for introducing me to this world, im anticipating the next chapter!


i love him!

gusana responds:

her XD


so much character and style... great stuff! If you did this in one night I might as well go jump off my balcony, that's not even fair!

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